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I’m currently working on my senior thesis, a critique of queer theory and queer studies that focuses on the ways in which these disciplines presume a singular queer person/experience, which ultimately centers white gay men and subsequently erases people of color, trans* men and trans* women, non-binary folks, and more.

I am extremely tired of and frustrated by the limited representations of queerness that exist in academia, both relating to who queer people are and what issues queer people confront and experience.

Therefore, I wanted to start a project that challenged all of this and open this up to as many [queer] people as possible! Please get involved by sharing your thoughts on this subject, submitting a photograph of yourself, and/or sharing this page!

Thank you!

Theory cannot be useful to anyone interested in resistance and change unless there is reason to believe that knowing what a theory means and believing it to be true have some connections to resistance and change. As we make theory and offer it up to others, what do we assume is the connection between theory and consciousness? Do we expect others to read theory, understand it, believe it and have their consciousness and lives thereby transformed? If we really want theory to make a difference to peoples lives, how ought we present it?
Maria C. Lugones and Elizabeth V. Spelman in “Have We Got a Theory For You!” (via newwavefeminism)

(via mylifeasafeminista)

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